Saturday, June 4, 2011

I finally gave in..

I am so glad to have finally given in and set one of these up. With the help of Kambly, my bestie I am here and excited to start documenting this nutty life I am living. 

Currently I am doing an internship program with my church from home, Hill Country Bible Church. ( It started last Sunday, but I didn't start until Wednesday because well my brother got married last weekend.  That will be left for a later blog.) ANYWAY I am tired, really tired and diving right into this has been just a whirlwind. I am excited though. I am living in this hotel room (extended stay) with 2 other girls, whom I think are really fun. And we do something different every night of the week, yes, EVERY week night. There are like 6 guy groups, and 2 girl groups, 40 college students total. I hardly know anyone, which makes it interesting. I can go into more detail as the summer progresses, and I too learn more about what I am doing :)

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